Registration for all RIBO Exams via IBAO are temporarily unavailable. Email for more details.

Exam Information


  • 30 Minutes


  • 20 Multiple Choice Questions


  • 75%


  • Actively licensed brokers with extensive P&C insurance experience outside of Ontario


RIBO and the IBAO have detected some recent irregularities in examination results and procedures associated with the IBAO’s in-person exams. To ensure the integrity of these examinations, RIBO has directed the IBAO to halt the delivery of RIBO licensing exams until a comprehensive investigation can be completed and any resulting process adjustments can be implemented.

Until this issue is resolved, only online exams booked with the IBAO on or before January 11, 2023, will be allowed to continue.

Individuals wishing to schedule a future RIBO license exam may do so through the Insurance Institute of Canada.


  • Online

    Virtually proctored online exams are a convenient option from the comfort of your home or any private space with an internet connection. Exams are conducted on two platforms—TopClass, where the exam is hosted, and ProctorU, where a virtual proctor monitors your exam. Proctors observe exams via webcam and troubleshoot any technical issues should they arise. All online exams are recorded, and unusual behaviour is flagged. Here’s a short video explaining the exam process. Details on how to book your virtual proctor and test your system prior to the exam are emailed following registration.

    Proctor Requirement
    It’s the exam taker’s responsibility to secure a virtual proctor through ProctorU for all online exams. Your specific exam start time will be determined during this process. Detailed instructions will be emailed following registration.

    System Requirements

    • Personal laptop or computer with the capability to download software (a ProctorU Browser Extension)
    • A personal laptop or computer with a single monitor (computers with 2 or more monitors aren’t permitted)
    • Chrome or Firefox web browser
    • Functioning microphone, speaker and camera (headset mics aren’t permitted)
    • High-speed internet—a connection failure or interruption will interfere with your exam
    • Do not connect through a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    Number of Attempts
    If you fail your RIBO exam, you’re eligible to rewrite a second time by following the standard registration process. After two failed attempts, you’re ineligible to rewrite your exam for 8 months following your second attempt.

    Permissible Tools to Use During Exam:

    • Digital version of the OAP1 Policy (available on the exam platform)
    • Four Function Calculator (on the computer)

    To Register
    Sign in using your IBAO Member ID. If you don’t have a Member ID, ask your hiring manager to have you added to their IBAO employee roster or create an account.