Exam Information


  • 3 Hours


  • Section 1: RIB Act + Regulations
    (20 Multiple Choice)
  • Section 2: Administration + Finance
    (85 Narrative Marks)
  • Section 3: RIBO Form 1 Financial Statement
    (15 Narrative Marks)


  • 60% in Each Section
  • 75% Overall
  • Failure to obtain the passing grade in Section 1 or 3, provided 75% was obtained overall requires a rewrite of only the failed section. Otherwise, all three sections must be rewritten.


  • Active RIBO 1 License
  • 2 Years Work Experience
  • Employment at a Brokerage


As of Jan. 1, 2023, all RIBO exams are to be conducted online, or request accommodation for another method.

Exam candidates no longer need to apply to RIBO prior to writing their exam. RIBO applications and criminal record checks can now be completed after successfully passing your exam.

  1. Choose your exam type and date.
  2. Register to write your exam through IBAO.
  3. Upon receiving a passing grade, register your license through RIBO (application + criminal record check).

Click here for our policy on cancellations, transfers, no shows, ineligibility and accommodation.


  • Toronto Exam Centre

    Write your exam at our Toronto Exam Centre. This opportunity is open to anyone interested in attempting the RIBO exam. You do not have to be employed by an insurance broker. Your exam will be overseen by a proctor which IBAO will provide.

    IBAO, 1 Eglinton Ave. E, 7th Floor, Toronto, ON, M4P 3A1

    Effective January 1, 2022 the RIBO Habitational Policy will be removed as a reference tool from the Entry Level Broker Level 1 exam. This means that any exam candidate writing the Level 1 RIBO exam as of January 1, 2022 will not have the habitational booklet as a reference tool during the exam process.

    What is Staying the Same? 

    • The OAP1 wordings/booklet will continue to be available as an open book resource
    • Resources and knowledge related to the RIB Act remain unchanged.
    • Resources and knowledge related to travel insurance remain unchanged.

    To Register
    Sign in using your IBAO Member ID. If you don’t have a Member ID, ask your hiring manager to have you added to their IBAO employee roster.

    December 19

    9:00AM - 12:00PM

    Register By December 9


  • Group Sitting


    For groups of individuals looking to write their exam together in a designated location (i.e. a brokerage office) we offer all exam types in scheduled group sittings. This option has a 5–person minimum and must be registered 4 weeks prior to the scheduled exam date.

    Proctor Requirement
    A proctor must be secured for this exam option. IBAO will provide proctor training prior to the exam date, but it’s the exam taker’s responsibility to secure a proctor following these eligibility requirements (proctors will be contacted prior to the exam date for validation, training and confirmation).

    • Must not have their RIBO license
    • Must not be a friend or relative of the exam candidate
    • Must not work for the same insurance brokerage as the exam candidate

    Requests can be booked by filling out this form. After receiving the form, an IBAO representative will be in touch with you within 2 business days to coordinate more details.